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We were scammed by SERVERAXIS

On Monday February 29th, 2016 around 1PM Central Time, our server went down. It has been down since.

Our host, Inception Hosting, informed us that all servers under their control in Miami’s data center were down. They also shared with us the fact that the servers they host on were leased from SERVERAXIS.

This led us to find two topics on this matter: Here and here.

Our host helped us get set up on a new server, but our data is on the one that was hosted in Miami. While it is our fault for not having a good backup in place to restore operations from, it is unacceptable that the server has been down this long and without so much as a notice from SERVERAXIS about what is happening. Customer service inquiries are not replied to. No notice was given regarding the downtime. This sentiment is shared by all consumers impacted by SERVERAXIS’ decision to do something in the Miami data center without informing any of those impacted by this change.

Unfortunately, it will take time to rebuild all that we have lost so far. We have a small amount of hope that SERVERAXIS will make things right, but after over two weeks of downtime without a response from customer service, that hope is dwindling.

If you need to reach us, please send an email to sales at

Update: March 14th, 2016: We are still waiting on the server to come back online. We modified the text above to reflect the latest situation. SERVERAXIS has sent out the following short notice to all customers on March 10th, 2016: “we are working to recover from a catastrophe in Miami and should have the servers from the Miami datacenter in our possession in Chicago soon.” — clearly we are working with a bunch of amateurs.

Update: April 26th, 2016: We still have not recovered any data from SERVERAXIS and have not received any communication from them in regards to this matter. We have decided to cut our losses. We are now in process of establishing a new website (as you can see here).