Here are some samples of tools we’ve built:

Twitter Integrations

@CryptoCharts — a bot that scrapes ideas from TradingView for cryptocurrencies, then monetizes them

@WonkyStonks — a NFT ticker bot, tweeting out anytime some sales of the NFT have happened

@ScoogisBattle — a bot that helps triage battle requests from twitter users, then pushes them to a site once all conditions are met

Non-Twitter integrations

“EKG Scanner” – a tool that scrapes charts from the TradingView service, places some indicators on them, then pushes them out to Telegram for consumption

“Sellbot” — a slack bot that helps users sell various cryptocurrencies in bulk, rather than having to sell them one at a time on the exchange UI

“Arbitrage Bot” — a bot that allows arbitrage of stablecoin pairs on a specific exchange

“Releaseotron” — a swiss army knife bot for Release Management